Fair Play 8 (Melbourne)

We couldnt have asked for more... a beautiful sunny day saw 16 teams battle it out for the Jinta Trophy in a friendly, fun atmosphere, culminating in an all action final with the Vietnamese team from the Richmond estate overcoming the West Papuan team sponsored by the Melbourne Fire Brigade on penalties... 

Group 1

Leathernecks, 3065, Bendigo Community Bank, Carlton Ninjas

Leathernecks 3 3065 2
Community Bank 2 Ninjas 3
3065 3 Ninjas 4
Leathernecks 5 Community Bank 2
Leathernecks 0 Ninjas 3
3065 4 Community Bank 4

Group 2

PBS/RRR, ACE, Brewski, Collingwood Allstars

Brewski 1 Collingwood Allstars 9
ACE 2 Collingwood Allstars 4
PBS/RRR 2 Brewski 3
PBS/RRR 3 Collingwood Allstara 8
ACE 3 Brewski 3

Group 3

Melbourne Fire Brigade (West Papuan), Purple Merkins, The Ramrods, Alright Bud

MFB 6 Purple Merkins 0
Ramrods 0 Alright Bud 4
MFB 5 Ramrods 0
Purple Merkins 3 Alright Bud 3
MFB 8 Alright Bud 0
Purple Merkins 7 Ramrods 3


Group 4

Shadowfax, Richmond Raiders, Eurothrash, Unjani

Shadowfax 1 Rich Raiders 7
Eurothras 3 Unjani 5
Shadowfax 4 Eurothrash 4
Rich Raiders 6 Unjani 0
Shadowfax 4 Unjani 3
Rich Raiders 7 Eurothrash 0

So onto the quarter finals...

Ninjas 4 Brewski 3
Collwood Allstars 7 Leathernecks 3
MFB 4 Shadowfax 2
Rich Raiders 7 Purple Merkins 2

Into the semis and the action really hotted up...

Ninjas 1 Rich Raiders 8
Collwood Allstars 3 MFB 5


What a cracker of a final!!!

Rich Raiders beat MFB 5-3 on penalties after a 4-4 draw.

An amazing day, rounded off with an unbelievable final.

Congratulations to both finalists, especially the winners of Fair Play 8 - Richmond Raiders!

Check out the photos here

Thanks to all of the sponsors: Bendigo Community Bank, Jinta Sports, Collingwood Rotary, City of Yarra, Coopers, Splitrock, Futsalloon5, FutsalOz, Rent The Rig, PBSFM, Cheap Thrills, Soccer Fever, Man With A Van, Collins Sims, Billy Hyde, Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Bargo, Football Federation Victoria, Plakkit, Hellas Printing, RRR, KissFM, JoyFM... without all of you, none of this would have been possible.

Many thanks once again to all the DJs and musos who kept the juices flowing all day with fantastic tunes... Chris Gill, Richie 1250, Paz, Vince Peach, Ennio Styles, Chestwig, Uber Lingua DJS, Agent 86, Wilderbeast, NoNameNath... you guys were all awesome.

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