Back in the Day - Inter Milan

In November 2008 HFCA achieved something that many thought was impossible. HFCA brought Inter Milan (UEFA Champions League Winners 2010) to Cambodia to work with our players who come from some of the most disadvantaged parts of Cambodian society.

The Inter Milan Campus is the brainchild of Inter president Massimo Moratti and was formed to work in some of the most dangerous and poorest countries in the world. After close to three years of talks Inter Milan agreed to send some of their staff to Cambodia. What followed was a world class, week long coaching clinic for sixty of our lucky players.

The local and international media took great interest in this event.

Click here to watch our short movie about this momentus occasion.

To read all about this special week and see more pictures click here.

We hope one day that Inter Milan Campus will return to Cambodia to work with HFCA and our players.

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