International visitors from Singapore take on HFCA girls

The Canadian International School in Singapore has over 2,100 students from more than 60 nationalities. For the past 3 years they have visited HFCA in Cambodia, bringing students with them to play soccer against our teams whilst also making a donation to support the continuation of the program. Many thanks to CIS staff member Scott Little for this continuing relationship which is enjoyed equally by both parties.

"Happy Football Cambodia-Austraila (HFCA) a local soccer club in Cambodia that provides many opportunities for disadvantaged kids. I'm so glad that HFCA offered to host a mini tournament with our school and the HFCA local teams. We were clearly not as prepared as the local teams as I'm pretty sure our team lost every game but the whole idea was to have fun and we had plenty! I think it was a great idea to have a semi-girls only tournament (and I say semi because some boys from our school played on our teams). I feel like the girls may not get as many opportunities as the boys as there is not as many of them. But they have no shortage of skill and are each amazing individual players. Another thing I noticed was that the Cambodians have great team spirit and constantly cheered on for their team I really admire that as team spirit is a much needed quality. I am so happy that we were able to participate and I hope that HFCA will play against CIS teams in the future!" CIS student Aedammair Dunleavy

"I can't thank you enough for setting up this opportunity and I am thoroughly impressed by the level of communication and professionalism that you and your organization have demonstrated."Scott Little, Community Service Excursion Leader, Canadian International School Singapore

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