Homeless World Cup hero joins HFCA coaching staff

Theng Langeng, 17, played for Team Cambodia in the 2014 Homeless World Cup in Santiago, Chile and won the hearts of all of the spectators watching the England versus Cambodia game. After going down 4-0, Cambodian playmaker—and smallest player in the tournament—Langeng managed to get by his English defender and fire the first Cambodian goal past the keeper.

Cambodia trailed the entire game, but showed sportsmanship and passion throughout. Langeng in particular impressed the crowd and his opponents with his incredible enthusiasm, energy, and contagious smile. English team captain Scott Fitzgerald even picked up his opponent at the end of the game, and the two competitors cheerfully paraded around the pitch, taking in the supportive cheers of the spectators. It was one of the most memorable moments from Chile 2014, and it captivated the good nature, spirit, and ethos of the event.

After returning from the Homeless World Cup, Langeng was promoted to the position of coach for the Under 14’s team, and he shared his experience with HFCA in hopes of inspiring the young footballers to pursue their dreams.

Looking relaxed, fresh, and confident, Langeng stated, “I will return to the Homeless World Cup, but this time as a coach with the next generation of players who will go there to change how they see themselves and who will change their lives for the better too.”

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