Australian school enjoy visit to HFCA

For the eighth year running Ivanhoe Grammar School from Melbourne visited the HFCA project. The ongoing interest and support from the school, staff and students has played a vital role in sustaining HFCA. Our players love meeting people their own age from overseas. Playing football together, chatting and taking pictures and selfies allow them to forget about their differences and celebrate what they have in common.

Ivanhoe Grammar students warm up before game against HFCA

"Each time we have visited HFCA we are moved by the enthusiasm, focus and skill of the youth participants from the streets. Vibol and his team at HFCA, welcoming smiles and care for these young people is clearly demonstrated by the energy and discipline shown by the large number of young people attending. Well done HFCA"
Don Page-Wood, Ivahnoe Grammar

Ivanhoe and HFCA players go for the ball

When asked why these visits from youth from Australia benefit HFCA players Vibol Chao, HFCA Country Manager said the following "Disadvantaged boys and girls are feel very happy and confidence that people around them will help them and no discrimination at all."

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