Fair Play 13

Fair Play returned to its spiritual home in Clifton Hill in Melbourne. Everyone had a superb day and there was some great football skills on show from the male and female players. We were so lucky to have some of Melbourne best and brightest DJ's entertaining us with the funky beats. Collingwood Rotary took care of the food and bar and once the sun came out everyone was loving the event knowing they were raising much needed funds for HFCA (Happy Football Cambodia Australia)

Competition winners Fitzroy Soccer Lions and Electric Feel in action

Group A
Richmond Dream Team 2 Electric Feel 1
The Bongs 1 RRR 3
Richmond Dream Team 2 The Bongs 1
Electric Feel 1 RRR 0
Richmond Dream Team 2 RRR 0
Electric Feel 3 The Bongs 0

Group B
3065 2 Knifey Spooney 1
Fitzroy Soccer Lions 2 The Ninjas 1
3065 1 Fitzroy Soccer Lions 1
Knifey Spooney 3 The Ninjas 1
3065 1 The Ninjas 3
Fitzroy Soccer Lions 5 Knifey Spooney 2

World famous Fair Play trophy waits for the winning team!

Group C
Collingwood Allstars 7 Ass Kickers 3
Leathernecks 2 The Zebras
Collingwood Allstars 3 Leathernecks 4
Ass Kickers 0 The Zebras 1
Collingwood Allstars 3 The Zebras 0
Ass Kickers 1 Leathernecks 2

Quarter Finals
Richmond Dream Team 4 Knifey Spooney 3
Fitzroy Soccer Lions 2 Electric Feel 0
Leathernecks 2 RRR 4
Collingwood Allstars 4 The Zebras 1

Semi Finals
Richmond Dream Team 2 Collingwood Allstars 1
Fitzroy Soccer Lions 3 RRR 0 

Richmond Dream Team 3 Fitzroy Soccer Lions 4 (aet)

Fair Play 13 winners Fitzroy Soccer Lions

"It was great to be part of Fair Play again. Fair Play provided 40 young people living in Yarra Public Housing the opportunity to live out their passions and aspirations. It gives the participants the opportunity to meet and socialize with other people from outside their circles. The event is well run, safe and always encouraging and welcoming of the young people we have involved in the 4 x teams on the day. HFCA sponsors our teams to participate so we don’t have to find the funding. Great to be part of another very successful and enjoyable event." Christopher McGeachan, Victorian Police Officer

Collingwood Rotary's Bruce Shaw presents the winning team medals to Fitzroy Soccer Lions

Our main referee Evan Robotis was very impressed with all the players attitude stating "I didnt have a single player cause a problem all day. All the players treating the refs and opposition players with total respect and we would be delighted to come back again. Its a great event.". Fair Play is a community event and we were so happy that everyone entered the right spirit of the day. 

Check out all the photos from the day here

A huge thank you to:

all of the teams

our sponsors: Collingwood Rotary, Carlsberg, Rent The Rig, Futsalloon5, Motorola, Tiger Corp, Melbourne Victory FC, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, RRR, PBSFM

the referees and the amazing volunteers from Collingwood Rotary

the venue and the manager Jeff, at the Clifton Tennis Club

all the DJs: Andy K, Christian, cuznmatt and Daybreak Disco


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