Fair Play 14

A day which began with hot sun and ended in torrential rain (luckily just after the final had finished) saw the Collingwood Allstars take out the Fair Play Trophy in a day dominated by the teams from the local estates soccer programs.

Group 1

Leathernecks 5 Berger & Fries FC 3
Collingwood Allstars 3 PBS/RRR 0
Leathernecks 3 Collingwood Allstars 2
Berger & Fries FC2 PBS/RRR 1
Leathernecks 3 PBS/RRR 0
Berger & Fries FC 4 Collingwood Allstars 8

Group 2

Fitzroy Lions 10 Ivanhoe Grammr 1
Richmond 5 Brewski 0
Fitzroy Lions 5 Richmond 6
Ivanhoe Grammar 0 Brewski 2
Fitzroy Lions 5 Breski 2
Ivanhow Grammar 0 Richmond 4

Quarter Finals

Leathernecks 7 Ivanhoe Grammar 2
Collingwood Allstars 7 Brewski 4
Richmond 6 Ivanhoe Grammar (2) 1
Fitzroy Lions 0 Berger & Fries FC 4

Semi Finals

Leathernecks 4 Berger & Fries FC 5
Richmond 2 Collingwood Allstars 4


Berger & Fries FC 1 Collingwood Allstars 5

Thanks to Jeff and Clifton Tennis Club for hosting us. Also to our sponsors: Collingwood Rotary, Carlsberg, Melbourne Victory, RTR Productions, PBS and RRR radio stations, Tiger Corp, Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Futsaloon5.

And thanks to all the DJs on the day.. Clayton, DJ Lady Soul, Cuznmatt and misterjon

Check out all the pics here

This was our 14th event in 10 years and we cant wait to do it again!

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