Collingwood Rotary Fair Play provides a feast of football in Melbourne

 A wonderful day of fund raising took place in Clifton Hill as teams battled for the Fair Play trophy once again.


Girls from the Collingwood, Richmond and Fitzroy teams. Picture Dean Phipps. 

Here is how the games went:

Group A
Collingwood Allstars 4 Vic Police 1
Yarra 2 MCFC Internationals 3
Collingwood Allstars 7 Yarra 0
Vic Police 5 MCFC Internationals 2
Collingwwod Allstars 7 MCFC Internationals 3
Vic Police 4 Yarra 4

Group B
Richmond Dream Team 4 Bergers & Fries FC 1
MCFC Students 1 Unreal Madrid 3
Richmond Dream Team 8 MCFC Students 2
Bergers & Fries FC 0 Unreal Madrid 2
Richmond Dream Team 3 Unreal Madrid 2
Bergers & Fries FC 4 MCFC Students 2

Group C
Fitzroy Lions 5 Leathernecks 3
A Soccerlypse Now 4 RRR 1
Fitzroy Lions 2 A Soccerlypse Now 2
Leathernecks 4 RRR 3
Fitzroy Lions 4 RRR 2
Leathernecks 1 A Soccerlypse Now 2

Group D
Richmond 3121 0 Knifey Spooney 3
Blue Lighters 5 Brewski 3
Richmond 3121 2 Blue Lighters 1
Knifey Spooney 1 Brewski 2
Richmond 3121 2 Brewski 3
Knifey Spooney 1 Blue Lighters 0

A big thanks to all the DJs: Jim Westlake, Clayton, Spankpants, (all pictured here with co-organiser Jon Hammond), plus Vince Peach and Cuzn Matt.

Quarter Finals
Collingwood Allstars 1 Unreal Madrid 4
Richmond Dream Team 2 Vic Police 3
Fitzroy Lions 3 Brewski 3 (1-3 on pens)
Knifey Spooney 0 A Soccerlypse Now 2

Semi Finals
Unreal Madrid 3 A Soccerlypse Now 3 (2-1 on pens)
Vic Police 4 Brewski 2

Unreal Madrid 3 Vic Police 1

Winners Unreal Madrid with the world famous Fair Play trophy. Picture P Grogan.

"Thank you for inviting us to take part in such a fun and memorable experience. Look forward to future events"

"It was a great event with a fantastic atmosphere. It was a pleasure to be part of it" Marcela

"The team and I all had a great day out. Thanks so much for putting on a great day" Nic 

Action packed game between Melbourne City International and Richmond Rangers. Picture Dean Phipps. 

"Collingwood All Stars Soccer Program (CASP) is a local Yarra based weekly Community Soccer Program. Catering for kids that live in the Collingwood High Rise Commission Estates. We were welcomed to have local kids from this program compete in the Fair Play Comps each year. This allowed our kids to have a focus and purpose to attend the weekly CASP Program and experience the Fair Play Comp. 

This allowed our kids another opportunity to work towards and the ability to play together as a team and represent their community. It also gave the local kids exposure to other people who were participating in the comp that were keen to support them.

The latest Fair Play 15 accommodated 50 of our local Yarra kids from the Richmond, Fitzroy & Collingwood Estates"
Christopher McGeachan, Victorian Police Officer. 


Bruce and Lynn taking care of the BBQ and Bar under the MFB marquee. Picture P. Grogan.

Special thanks to Collingwood Rotary, Neighborhood Justice Centre, The MFB, Tiger Corp, Rent The Rig, Carlsberg, Clifton Hill Tennis Club and all the teams, players, DJ's and in particular Bruce Shaw, Christopher McGeachan, Steve O Malley, Ger McGrath, Lynn Ciurlionis, Adam Pearson & Jeff Baldassarre.

Check out all the photos here


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