Fair Play 16 (Melbourne)

The Collingwood Rotary Fair Play community football tournament raises much needed funds for HFCA and this was the 16th time Fair Play took place.


“Fair Play gives our local young people the chance to engage with the broader community outside of their usual environment. The Tournament gives the young people the opportunity to showcase their talents and strengthens their belonging. It also provide a platform for local police to assist these young people in participating in a sport that is their passion around a well run and positive environment.“ Christopher McGeachan, Victoria Police Officer

Collingwood Rotary's Bruce Shaw shared his thoughts on Fair Play “The Rotary Club of Collingwood has been sponsoring HFCA since 2010, gradually increasing our commitment as our understanding of the fantastic work it does for disadvantaged young people in Cambodia.  Lovely, friendly place that it is Cambodia, remains a very poor nation and to be disadvantaged there is to know the real meaning of “disadvantage”.  HFCA gives young boys and girls a focus and helps them progress in life, assisting them not just with football, but with their education and careers.

Bruce continued ''Here in Australia, through the annual Fair Play competition HFCA brings that work to Melbourne providing a friendly competition which brings together young people from a wide variety of backgrounds with teams ranging from Ivanhoe Grammar to teams assembled from the high rise housing estates.  Collingwood Rotary is proud to fulfil the objectives of Rotary International by supporting this fantastic international organisation.”

Group stages

Collingwood Allstars 5 Bergers & Fries FC 1
AAMEYS1 3 CITC Bundoora 3
Richmond Rangers 2 AAMEYS2 5
RRR 2 CITC City 1
Fitzroy Lions 5 Hay Balers 4
CMY 4 Ivanhoe Grammar 0
Collingwood Allstars 1 AAMEYS1 3
Bergers & Fries FC 1 CITC Bundoora 4
Richmond Rangers 4 RRR 4
Fitzroy Lions 2 CMY 1
Hay Balers 6 Ivanhoe Grammar 0
Collingwood Allstars 3 CITC Bundoora 1
Bergers & Fries FC 1 AAMEYS1 4
Richmond Rangers 1 CITC City 2
Fitzroy Lions 4 Ivanhoe Grammar 1
Hay Balers 3 CMY 5

Quarter Finals
Fitzroy Lions 3 CITC City 0
AAMEYS2 0 Collingwood Allstars 0 (1)
CITC Bundoora 0 CMY 3

Semi Finals
Collingwood Allstars 3 Fitzroy Lions 1

AAMEYS1 2 Collingwood Allstars 1

Thanks to Collingwood Rotary for the BBQ, Clifton Tennis Club for the venue, Jim Westlake for the soundsystem, Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Melbourne Victory, Football Victoria, RRR, Tiger Corp, Plakkit, the referees, DJs Cuzn Matt, Spankpants and misterjon.

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