Huge support for Team Cambodia on our Facebook page and across Cambodian media!

The HFCA Facebook page has grown steadily over the last few years to an incredible 80,000 followers but it is the levels of engagement that have been really impressive. Over the 9 days of the 2019 Homeless World Cup tournament in Cardiff, Wales, we published 92 posts with almost 200,000 engaged users and a total reach of 2.5million. This included 44 videos with over 760,000 views and a reach of 2million.


The games were streamed live on our Facebook page with an average audience of 20,000 (average reach of 46,600) and a massive 114,000 (reach of 208,100) for the first game against Australia!

On the pitch Team Cambodia had some notable victories over Australia, Denmark, Finland and Belgium, finishing a very respectable 36th out of 48 teams. They were very happy to know that they had such great support across the world via the Facebook page.


Other media outlets such as PNN Sports, BTV and Keila Daily also shared our games and the Cambodian press showed great interest with the team appearing on the back pages of the Khmer Times and Phnom Penh Post among others!

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