Our Melbourne friends sadly missed

HFCA was due to host our annual Australian visitors Ivanhoe Grammar School on the 20th of June. In March the school made the right decision to cancel the visit due to the current global health crisis. Our HFCA players were very sad to hear the news as they alway love having Australian teenagers come visit and join them in football activities. Ivanhoe Grammar first visited HFCA in 2008 and the school students, teachers and parents have made a very significant contribution to HFCA over the last 12 years.

Ivanhoe Grammar and HFCA Girls warm up before football practise in 2019. Image P Grogan.

Ivanhoe Grammar student Archie was part of the group who visited in June 2019 and he shared his thoughts with HFCA afterwards "The boys and girls we met were certainly very happy to be there, and they seemed to be a tight-knit community because of this opportunity to be a part of a team. I found, through soccer, I was given a good chance to bond with the kids, and they were all more confident to talk to us because many of the conversations started with “what team do you go for?” 

Archie continued, "This all allowed me to realise how important our fundraising money truly is, and seeing the thousands donated by us annually, which supports a huge community of disadvantaged kids, was a real eye-opener. Overall, this morning’s experience at HFCA made me truly realise the impact we are having on disadvantaged communities" 

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